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Indoor Air Quality Services

The combined expertise and capabilities of our Environmental Services Division and our ventilation practices, enable Penn Air to provide turnkey indoor air quality services that are unsurpassed in the industry.

Our indoor air quality assessments use a proven approach of building and ventilation system inspection combined with environmental testing to accurately and cost-effectively diagnose and correct indoor air quality problems.

Environmental evaluations cover a variety of symptoms ranging from sick building syndrome to outdoor impact studies. Airborne contaminants can be a serious concern. Occupants at their workplace can develop health problems and discomfort directly related to prolong exposure whether it’s from particulates emitted from ventilation ducts, moisture intrusion or mold contamination. In some cases outdoor contaminants whether chemical or biological can enter the building through plumbing, vents, windows, or door openings. Part of our evaluation process is to build a case and then to remove or modify the source of the problem.
Specific Services
Design, installation and commissioning of special ventilation systems to control contaminants emitted by indoor operations/activities

Ventilation system testing and balancing

Upgrading ventilation system components and filtration (often combined with energy auditing to reduce energy consumption)

Ventilation system cleaning

Mold remediation

Moisture intrusion/mold control programs

Legionella bacteria control programs for building water systems

Dust control during construction activities in hospitals

Smoke contamination control in buildings during wildfire events

Remediation of smoke damage from building fires and wildfires
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