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Indoor Air Quality

Penn Air’s Indoor Air Quality Evaluation serves to protect workers, improve lives, work conditions, and productivity, all while ensuring that the surrounding community receives the same attention.

Work hazards such as chemical (harmful liquids and gases), biological (contagious bacteria and viruses), and physical (extreme noise and heat) can result in mental anguish, emotional stress, illness and injury. By identifying these costly dangers immediately, the easier it will be to eliminate them completely.

In the case of a local hot sauce manufacturer, several complaints about eye irritation and respiratory problems were reported from both workers and neighboring residents. The process of preparing the chilies produced noxious fumes. This business and its product become a public safety hazard. Changing the recipe could diminish the product’s success, but installing an appropriate ventilation system will benefit the community’s health and economics.

Enhanced filtration can reduce harmful exposure.
Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Occupant complaint


Particulate emissions from ventilation system ducts

Moisture intrusion/mold

Legionella bacteria

Food manufacturing plants (Diagnosis of spoilage/contamination problems)

Smoke damage (Building fires, Wildfires)
Proactive Measures and Remediation
Ventilation system design and installation/modification

Ventilation system testing and balancing

Ventilation system cleaning

Mold remediation

Moisture intrusion/mold control programs

Building water system Legionella bacteria control programs

Sterile drug compounding (Ventilation system testing and balancing, Environmental monitoring/testing)

Infection control in hospitals (Ventilation system testing and balancing, Environmental monitoring/testing, Dust control during construction)

Food manufacturing plants (Diagnosis of spoilage/contamination problems, Ventilation system modification, testing and balancing)

Wildfire smoke contamination control during fires (Ventilation system modification and environmental monitoring/testing)

Building and wildfire smoke remediation
Indoor Air Quality
Worker exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents
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