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HVAC Remediation


HVAC Remediation is the cost effective process of cleaning, upgrading or bringing existing conditions to NADCA Cleanliness ACR 2013 Standards.

Penn Air will service older neglected ventilation systems or recover ones from catastrophic events such as fire (smoke damage) and flood (water damage). Most common replacements include restoring coils, internal linings, and sealing ducts.

When the system has been completely restored a final balance of the airflow will be performed and a balance certificate will be issued.
Specific Services
HVAC Cleaning, Sanitizing, Duct Sealing and Refurbishing

Coil Cleaning and Cooling Tower Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality (Microbial / VOC / Bioaerosol / Particulate) Testing and Remediation

Infra-red Photography - locate / categorize Air Duct Leakage

HVAC Air Duct Sealing and Pressure Testing

Fiber Optic (Boroscope) Video Investigations - identify system blockages & leaks.
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