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Kitchen Exhaust

Grease Cleaning

Penn Air’s Kitchen Exhaust service, reduces potential fire hazards, provides clean and safe workplace conditions, and ensures better food quality for restaurant patrons.

Over 50% of all restaurant fires start in the kitchen. Neglected exhaust hoods, ductwork, and exhaust fans can all contribute to catastrophic fires and smoke inhalation. These ventilation systems can accumulate enough dust and grease to obstruct airflow as well as provide fuel to ignite a blaze.

IKECA members follow the most thorough sanitation and inspection standards in accordance with NFPA-96, the International Mechanical Code and International Fire Code. As IKECA members, Penn Air is committed to a detailed cleaning of the entire ventilation system – from the hood in the kitchen to the fan on the roof.
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust (Grease) Cleaning (NAICS 561720) - IKECA and Gaylord Industries certified technicians.

Commercial & Shipboard Kitchen Exhaust/Vent Cleaning
(compliant with NFPA 96)

UV equipped systems certified
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